About Me

I’ve always been a devoted reader with several books in progress at any given time. I’m lucky enough to never run out of reading material, and I absolutely delight in helping people find their new favourite book.

I studied secondary education and Honours English at Macquarie Uni, with a focus on Australian young adult literature for my thesis.

I taught English, Drama, Society & Culture and more at a fantastic Central Coast high school for a few years before moving to Sydney.  My colleagues and students were great, and sharing new books and ideas with them was hugely rewarding.

Once in Sydney, I started an English tutoring business and also jumped into the world of bookselling at Ariel Paddington. I loved connecting with readers, recommending their next favourite read (particularly to kids), and scouring review sites and blogs for the next big thing. I was endlessly curious about the process of curating a store’s range and took a position as children’s buyer for Dymocks George St. It gave me a whole new perspective on the mechanics of bookselling, and allowed me to meet many literary heroes.

Late last year, I joined the buying team at Berkelouw BOOK FACE and am now one of the two frontlist buyers for our group’s eleven stores. Learning about the different demographics, histories and unique issues of each store is a fascinating, ongoing process. I’m proud of the work I have accomplished for our group.

I’m moving to Melbourne in 2018 for my partner’s job – I’m so excited! I’ll be looking for a new job when we move and would welcome hearing from anyone who might know about book related opportunities.