back in 2020!


2018 saw Tom and I move to beautiful Melbourne, where I got way out of my comfort zone as an assistant manager (and sometimes interim manager!) of a LUSH Cosmetics store. It felt vaguely surreal not being a part of the book world in the way I was used to – knowing about all the launches, attending industry events, receiving advance copies of the up& coming hits. Somehow I survived, and threw myself into reading whatever caught my eye (even rereading some old favourites at times!)

I loved my LUSH job, though – my team were an amazing, wacky, empathetic and smart group of people, and the products & ethics of LUSH 100% have my heart. Even though Melbourne was incredible, Tom and I both missed our families so much and so at the end of 2019 we moved back to Sydney!

I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want to do and feel more in 2020, and a consistent theme is creating things and feeling inspired. One way I can make that happen is by writing again here – mostly about books, some new releases, some backlist reviews, and  there’s every chance I’ll write about my craft work* & favourite LUSH stuff at some point too.

So please stay tuned!

*the bookshelf in this picture is one of my proudest creations – it was a regular bookshelf until I covered it in pages from Baby-Sitter’s Club books (Super Special #1: BSC On Board & #7: Snowbound). It took such a long time and it makes me happy whenever I look at it.