Bit and pieces!

I wanted to do a brief post linking to two of the things I’ve worked on for Dymocks over the last little while – although this kind of thing isn’t part of my actual job, they have been  occasional interesting side quests along my day to day work.

I wrote this last September about YouTube stars who had books out, and I think since I wrote it several new YouTuber careers have risen and fallen (and I don’t think I was familiar with Vine at all back then). It was fun to research and write though, so even if it’s a bit outdated in June 2016, I’m still proud of it. Quick excerpt:

If your friends, siblings, or children are spending hours talking to their laptops, referring to spending time with others as “collabs”, or giving themselves bizarre “challenges” to complete on film — congratulations, you know an aspiring YouTube star. YouTube stars post videos on all topics, ranging from video games, makeup, to mental illness or even watching your own birth video with your mother (one of the latter from Tyler Oakley has over 3.5 million views). Many of these stars have branched out and are now releasing music, creating fashion lines, and some have even written books!

With the rise and rise of vlogging (video blogging) as a means of self-expression amongst teens and tweens, it can get overwhelming keeping track of the new breed of celebrities that are shaping today’s culture right from their own bedrooms.

Although we can’t list them all (a new star is emerging every day!), below we give you a primer on some of the biggest YouTube stars with books already out or books on the way.

Second thing I’d like to share is a podcast! In January this year, I was lucky enough to talk to Justine Larbalestier about her new novel My Sister Rosa for the Dymocks Podcast. This was a really enjoyable interview for me, as I’ve been a big fan of her work for a while, and had read My Sister Rosa over the course of a single evening (it was so tense I couldn’t put it down!). I’d met Justine at few events before recording this podcast and I think that helped me to not sound too nervous. I’m really pleased with how it came out, even though usually I cringe listening to a recording of myself. We discussed psychopathy, bad parents in her novel, the difficulty of depicting large friend groups in YA, upcoming books she’s excited about and a whole range of cool things.

Looking back through pieces I’ve worked on is a good motivation for me to keep writing, and I’m hoping to add more to my blog in the coming weeks.



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